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新加坡小学华文字卡 Chinese Flash Card

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Chinese Flash Card is based on the latest Singapore MOE syllabus. It is for parents to help P1 to P6 students to read and write Chinese characters.

1. Learn Chinese characters anywhere, anytime;
2. All read and write characters by lessons in the latest P1 to P6 Chinese textbooks;
3. All characters come with Pinyin and pronunciation;
4. Show stroke order of characters, help student to write character correctly;
5. Mark unknown characters for future review;
6. Review characters based on lessons and textbooks.


1. 方便携带,可以让孩子随时随地学习华文;
2. 按课文顺序,收录了所有识读字和识写字;
3. 标示拼音,并有真人发音;
4. 标示笔画顺序,帮助孩子按正确的笔顺写字;
5. 标记不懂的字,方便父母辅导孩子复习华文;
6. 可以根据课文或整本课本复习华文。

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